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(VLOG POST) How to do a Full Body Dumbbell Complex | Exercise Tips

Here's a quick dumbbell complex that you can do if you have access to weights. A complex is essentially a circuit of exercises moving from one to the other without ever putting the weight down.

Here's quick guide to the exercise jargon -

Compound exercise = An exercise that involves movements from more than one joint i.e. The squat works the knee and the hip.

Isolation exercise = Exercises that contract one muscle i.e. Bicep curl/ Tricep Extension

Hybrid exercise = An exercise that uses two exercises in one movement. i.e. Squat and Shoulder Press, Squat and Cable Row, Lunge and Lateral DB Raise

Complex = A series of exercises performed back to back with little to no rest, no weight changes, no letting go of the equipment, performed in the same area.

Contrast Training / Complex Training = I've always called this contrast training as this was how I was taught, it wasn't until maybe 6 or 7 years back that I've heard this being called complex training. This type of training requires you to do one strength exercise and one power movement that mimics the same exercise straight after.

This type of training causes post activation potentiation (PAP) and it is a way of increasing your explosive power. i.e. near maximal squat followed by a squat jump.

Now that you're clued up about the exercise terminology, here's a complex that I wanted to take you through and explain what you need to look out for.

Check out the video....

You can add this complex at the end of a workout as a "finisher"

4 rounds descending reps -

Stiff legged Deadlift

Bent Over Row


Shoulder Press

Round 1 - 15 repetitions

Round 2 - 12 repetitions

Round 3 - 10 repetitions

Round 4 - 8 repetitions

No rest between the complex and don't let go of the weight until after the round has finished. Rest 30 seconds between rounds....increase rest time if you want to make it easier.

I hope the video helped show you what a complex looks like and what you needed to look out for during each exercise.

If you're in Chiswick, Richmond, Mortlake or West London area and want to do some training with me, book a trial session :)

Stay Healthy!

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