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My Training | Periodisation Plan - Part 1 - 2020

Updated: May 17, 2020

Goal - Just get into a routine

Injuries - ribs, wrist, right hip tightness. Back pain on and off at left side but currently fine.


Monday - Push and Pull

Tuesday - Cardio/Core

Wednesday - Posterior Chain/Hip Hinge (Hip Dominant)

Thursday - Squat/Lunge ( Knee Dominant)

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Cardio/Scapula Work/Accessory work

Sunday - Rest


Here's my plan. Monday 13th 2020 was the start date.

Decided I needed a routine, I haven't been on a routine for a while which means I haven't done any tracking and right now this is what I need.

This plan centres around my current condition, which is shocking, I figured I would need to do a general preparatory phase to allow for anatomical adaptation, this would be around my injuries as I didn't know what I could.

This phase is a conditioning phase that requires you to follow a higher repetition with a lighter weight than you would normally lift, it's purpose is to ensure that the athlete has stability, mobility and general strength throughout all movements. The duration of the phase is dependant on how long you have before the event date so you have to work backwards.

This phase could last from 4-10 weeks but it depends on the athletes fitness level or focus on a specific component of their fitness.

Components of fitness include, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, co-ordination, reaction time, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition.

I've decided to split my own plan into 5 days of activity which includes -

Vertical/Horizontal push and pull - This will be whatever my body allows me right now without feeling the pain, I did manage Dips so better than 4 days ago where my wrist felt like it had no mobility at all.

Cardiovascular training - I definitely needed to add into the plan, it's not my favourite but I know it's a necessity.

Hip Dominant - This will probably include Banded Kettlebell Deadlifts and Swings as well any isolation on the hamstrings.

Knee Dominant - Focused on movements like the Kettlebell Front Squat, Sandbag Cleans.

Scapular/Accessory - This will be focused more on my shoulder mobility and elbow flexion/extension. I managed to get Tennis elbow from a bad movement on a barbell clean, the weight was too heavy and I wasn't driving my hip enough, I did read somewhere that the elbow extension may help work the connective tissues and any muscles needed for the movement.

I have some time to play around during this phase so it doesn't have to be so specific to any type of sport since we're not able to play any team sports.

Will continue to update this as I go along....

Here's a video of the hip dominant workout I did at home


Week 2 - 20th April 2020

I've been pretty sore all week from doing the training plan but after a week of doing it, I found that I wanted more from my Saturday workout so I've decided to change it to include more Kettlebell movements. Let's see how it goes for this week.


End of week thoughts -

I didn't manage a full session on Saturday with the kettlebells that I wanted due to a headache when I woke up...I did 5 sets of 5 snatches but that was the limit before my head felt like it wanted to explode. After some meds and lots of water I went out for my jog.

My friend invited me onto this Fitbit Bingo game, basically for all the steps, active minutes and distance you do on your Fitbit, it's banked into the game and you're able to use those measurements to select a circle on the Bingo board.

It's hard to describe but it works quite well to get you out there and doing some training, especially when your motivation is low. There were probably two instances where I didn't want to but I did it because of this game.

My conditioning is coming back, I'm not a fan of running but I do feel that it's a necessary movement, my endurance has always been rubbish as I have always focused more on the power and strength ranges of training. Mentally I've really settled into the plan and I'm feeling really damn good!

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