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Chiswick Fitness

Need help with your exercise technique?

Let our personal trainer in CHiswick help you! 

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Who are we?

We are Chiswick's best kept secret... In the heart of Chiswick, along the busy high road, you'll find us coaching clients through a range of movements that rejuvenate and mobilize the body. Our Fitness system teaches you how to master your movements and enhance your performance!

What do we do?

We pride ourselves in delivering a focused personal training service.We hope to inspire clients and show them the joy and fun of movement. Exercise shouldn't be a chore! 

How much is it?

Reasonable prices to match your budget. Single sessions or block bookings are available. Book our 30 minute trial session for £15.

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" said tomorrow"

Master your movements

Our Smart Fitness programming works with your current ability and our holistic approach builds the foundation of fitness so that you reach the next level

Benefits of

Personal Training


Your Goals

We can help remove the confusion that comes from working out. We talk with you, understand your goals and put a tailored plan of action in place to reach them.


Focused on you

When you work with a personal trainer, you receive their full attention. They will know your body’s mechanics, experience, fitness levels and your goals. As a result, the personal trainer will find it easier to adjust your workouts to achieve the best possible outcome. They can focus on sports-specific training or a variety of other options, depending on your situation and goals. Our London personal trainer will develop a bespoke plan which will be based on your needs and expectations.



We hope you become super motivated with our personal training in west london. We encourage you to achieve your goals whether you want to lose weight or increase lean muscle, improve posture, we genuinely believe we can help you.


Consistency is key

Thanks to having a personal trainer, you will get one of the most important ingredients to reaching your fitness goals. Consistency is key you will need to reach all your fitness goals. Our Personal trainers in london will help you stick to a schedule and be consistent with your training and nutrition. With our proven methods you will reach all your fitness goals in a quick, safe and efficient way.


Injury Prevention

Unfortunately injuries can happen. What you want to do here is try to avoid them with good form and technique. Our personal trainers can offer you all the help you need in this regard. We will make sure that the exercises you are doing are efficient and performed with good form and technique in a safe manner.



Having a personal trainer to support and motivate you is proven to be more effective in reaching your health and fitness goals quicker and more effectively. If you have a great personal trainer they will live and breath helping people just like you to not only reach their potential – but exceed it! Having this level of support and guidance in your corner is invaluable.

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If you're looking for an experienced local personal trainer in Chiswick or Hammersmith areas use the map below to locate us. Visit our F.A.Q and if you don't see an answer please send me an email.


Studio 1 - 1A Devonshire Rd, Chiswick, London W4 2EU

Studio 2 - Hogarth Youth Centre, Duke Road, Chiswick, London, W4 2JR



I approached Kang 5 months ago with very specific goals in mind. I picked up a thigh muscle injury while running and also developed a right shoulder issue because of long hours working in front of a PC and grabbing the mouse. The physiotherapist I was seeing advised several exercises to make my shoulder blades stronger.I decided to hire a PT to help with getting my shoulder blades stronger and also to strengthen the core. Kang has been excellent helping me with my goals. My shoulder blades are now stronger and I have gradually gotten stronger - I am now able to do full press-ups, have moved to working with 2*8kgs dumbbells and am able to lift 22.5 kgs barbells! Being small and not particularly heavy at 48kgs, I am pleased and surprised with the progress I have made in a few months! Thanks Kang!


—  Karina.R

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Thinking about your health

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