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Recommended Fitness Equipment

Here is a list of home/travel equipment that I use with clients and for myself where needed. Click the picture for the link and keep an eye out for videos I'll be posting on how to include them in your exercise plan.

Fitness Matt.jpg

Maximo Fitness Matt

By far the one of the best exercise mats I've used, the thickness alone helps your knees when doing floor based exercises. You do have to watch out for slipping but this is the case with all mats. 


Suspension Trainer

The suspension trainer is a gym in a bag. Using your own body there are a range of challenging movements. 

It's fairly versatile so you can do many exercise variations depending on your fitness level.



This core slider is perfect for travelling with as it's compact and you can do a whole bunch of exercises with it. It's great for the core but actually works even better for hamstring work as you don't need to use a ball that takes up all the room.


Competition Kettlebell

I prefer competition style kettlebells for the comfortable shape and that it doesn't change as the weight increases compared to the  "fitness" kettlebell.  Best for deadlifts, swings, squats and snatches. Opt for weight heavy enough for the above exercises. Video demo here


Hybrid Resistance Bands

These bands are great to use when training glutes, it adds resistance when doing the hip raises and lateral walks and they last under many uses. I haven't got cuts or tears in mine but do watch out for them.


Resistance Bands

The resistance bands are great for a home or travel workout and provides enough resistance for a few key exercises. Definitely worth having in your kit.

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