Kobe Bryant - Thank you

Over the weekend Kobe Bryant at the age of 41, passed away with his daughter and other families in a tragic helicopter accident just outside LA. I'm honestly still in shock.

I must have been 12-13 when Kobe was drafted into the NBA and I think I only heard of him because he won the dunk contest with an east bay dunk and it was at this moment that I became a fan.

I've actually come to realise, after seeing the shock from people who weren't even basketball fans how much Kobe Bryant meant and what he did for that modern era.

I can't even express what I'm thinking because I'm still in shock, I didn't know Kobe personally but I'm pretty sure as a fan who saw him grow up, win championships and show the world that he was more than just a basketball player, they mourn his passing too.

Rest in peace.

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