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Outdoor Personal Training in  Stamford Brook

Be fitter with smart training

Our mobile personal trainer works in the Stamford Brook Hammersmith area and delivers a fabulous fitness session to re-energise and strengthen your movements.  

We like to train in Ravenscourt park to get you out of the office but if you prefer we can meet you for in-home training so whether your goal is to try some new exercises for tennis or netball or if you want to increase strength for football, we believe we can help you!  

We are passionate about your fitness, we provide one to one personal training that helps you train effectively, confidently and takes the confusion out of exercise....

In light of the recent events concerning Covid-19 please read our policy 

We want our clients to be safe and following advice from Public Health England we keep a safe distance and recommend clients to wear gloves, we understand that this is a challenging time and we want to help keep your mental and physical well-being going. 

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Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, London W6 0UA

Our Fitness System

We take our clients through a movement system that helps assess issues and devise a plan to improve their movement and performance for whatever their goal is. We believe that if you have the strength and mobility to move you'll have a much better time enjoying the activities you love doing! 

Step 1 

Assess structural balance

Lack of mobility can hinder performance making it difficult to do some exercises

Step 2

Improve movement impairment by inhibiting overactive muscles that restrict your range of movement during exercise

Step 3

Activate muscles that haven't been used by utilising exercises that isolate weaker muscles.

Step 4

Integrate movements that have been changed due to the lack of range and activation. Focus on full movement patterns

If you've ever rolled out of bed with your back hurting or found it more difficult than it should be to tie up your shoes? It might be worth coming in for a movement assessment. 

We will coach you through exercises to strengthen the weaker areas and make sure your alignment improves.

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